About Us… getting to know us better

Our aim is to give you an outstanding result for your renovation, that is unique, personalised and perfect for your lifestyle.  We are passionate about creating a beautifully crafted space that enhances your home and your enjoyment.

Don Macdonald, Principal

Our Philosophy

From our results, you’ll clearly see that we specialise in high quality bathroom, kitchen and laundry renovations; stone and tile fixing; and glass mosaics.  But what is most important is how approach our projects, and how we work with you.

Our whole philosophy centres on providing exceptional service and an outstanding result for you.  A renovation is a partnership in creation.   You have a vision of what you want to create, we have the ideas and skill to manifest that vision.  We become the specialist advisor who works with you to bring form and life to your concepts.  This also means advising you on how to technically achieve your result and fine-tuning ideas so they are practical, functional and still look amazing. And as a licensed builder, we constantly keep up to date with all the industry standards to ensure your renovation aligns with the appropriate guidelines.

Communication is important to us.  It helps us to work together with you, with more ease.  Clear, organised communication will ensure a smooth project schedule and a finished product that truly represents what you envision.  That’s why we take care to prepare an itemised quotation, a complete checklist and a detailed project schedule. Taking the time to document these stages gives everyone peace of mind and ensures we are all “on the same page”.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence, our craftsmanship and attention to detail, which means our quality is higher and your stress is lower.  Throughout the renovation we understand your home is your personal sanctuary that requires respect and care.  Many of our clients have praised our efficiency in ensuring their home is left clean, tidy and beautiful at project completion.

It’s such a great reward for us to see how delighted our clients are when their vision comes to life with style and elegance.

Our Location

The Orchid Group is a local Sunshine Coast business, owned by Don Macdonald, and based in our office/warehouse in Noosaville, Queensland.  

Our service extends across the whole of the Sunshine Coast and hinterland, and we often travel to other parts of Queensland for specialty projects.  If you have a project in an area outside of the Sunshine Coast, feel free to contact us to discuss if we can help you.

Our Team

We have a dedicated group of professionals who have been chosen as much for their skill as their ability to work co-operatively and smoothly within a team.

Our Principal, Don Macdonald, heads up a team of four who are the core of our business.  We have carefully selected additional licensed tradesmen where specialists are required:  electrical, plumbing, plastering and painting.  Each are committed to the same high standard we are known for, and have been a key part of our success in achieving great results for our clients.

Our Expertise

It’s always re-assuring to know that the team you are engaging for your renovation is recognised for their talents.  We are a multi-award winning team with several Master Builders Awards for Excellence received over the years and we continue to put the same commitment into all our projects to bring them to an award-winning standard.

Glass mosaic work is one of our specialties, and an area where we absolutely excel.   Our principal, Don Macdonald, has trained extensively in Italy and more recently, our right hand man, Daniel Williamson, has completed a training in Italy too.  Don and Daniel are two members of a handful of Master Mosaic Fixers in Australia. Our strong expertise in this area is well known in our industry.

Technical skill is the cornerstone of creating an amazing renovation, and you can rest assured that The Orchid Group has the qualifications and experience to deliver outstanding results that will stand the test of time.

Browse through Our Results to get more inspiration and Contact Us to talk about what you want to create in your project.  Our team of specialists are here to provide you with expert advice and make your job easier.